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A Flower is a Lovesome Thing…

August 28, 2008

Our community garden plot this year is mainly vegetables and herbs, but I did sneak in a few patches of flowers. First up: a mix of sunflowers (‘Autumn Beauty’ mix)…

…two kinds of cosmos (the first was described as a mix of red, orange and yellow, but they’re all orange. Hmm…)

…and a new favorite flower I discovered at our CSA farm back in Boston, the Mexican Sunflower (Tithonia). They’re about 6 feet tall and have gorgeous, velvety reddish-orange flowers all over…and they just started blooming! I started them from seed, and they were looking kind of sickly for awhile…but once they got into the ground and the warm, sunny days and frequent overnight rains started, they just took off. The first picture is taken from my eye level (I’m a little over 5 feet tall) — so you get an idea of how big they grow. (Though, they don’t compare to the gargantuan sunflowers behind them, grown by the nice older Russian couple that gardens in the plot adjacent to ours.) The flower on the left looks to me like it’s standing on its tiptoes and craning its neck up to see what the sunflowers are seeing…

For you, dear reader:


I’m away on vaca, so comments might take a bit longer than usual to be moderated. I’ll be posting again next week…enjoy the sweet lingering days of August.

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